Never give up is the lifestyle of Adriano Bolognese hand-biker

Never give up every obstacle, every climb you face, overcome it and then move forward without fear. This is the concept of Adriano Bolognese first cyclist, after the accident he became a hand-biker. Thanks to his tenacity he has succeeded in creating a sports association "Never give up".

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Christian Manno

Born in 1975, he collaborated with the Etnopolis magazine and with local television stations and web TV. Founder of the “I Move Puglia” Web TV. He has made numerous reportages and video spots for events, Notte della Taranta, Verso Sud music review, Cinema del Reale, BIT Milan, Vinitaly, Goblets under the Stars, Discovering Grecìa project for the enhancement of the assets of Grecìa Salentina, project “Prozìmi” Canti della Passion, project “Like the swallows – Stories of arrivals and departures.





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