Yassine thanks to the surf will have an opportunity for integration.

The short film tells the story of Yassine, a young man born and raised in Lecce by Moroccan parents who live, in the same way of all second-generation guys, straddling two cultures, never supported by a real integration.
Through the sea and surfing, however, the integration process will come true, Yassine will become an host of a surf camp, attended by people of all races and religions.

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Vincenzo D'Arpe

He was born in Lecce (Italy). He studied Performing Arts at Bologna University, where he achieved the 5-year degree in “Cinema, Television and Multimedial Direction”; in 2007, he set up a cultural association, named “Freim” with which he produced short films, videoclips and commercials; in 2011 he won an Emilia-Romagna Film Commission’s annuocement, submitting the project of a doc about Earl Cesare Mattei and his eclectic house “Rocchetta Mattei”. In 2013 he joined MaxMan Coop.,a production company in Bologna, with which he achieves film projects until December 2015; since 2013 he has been teaching “Cinematographic and Television Language” in Italian public schools.








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