A parallel between civilization and the two most popular table games: the Lady and the Chess

One of the pieces speaks to us through a voiceover. Retracing the allegory of our societies for the whole game (real and complete). At first simple, direct and with clear purposes and then more complex and complex, full of masks and deception. This short is in effect an attempt to become aware of our current situation with the hope that this can help us fight xenophobia.

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Luca De Paolis

Born in Brescia from a family entirely from Salento, he decided to return to live in the places where the parents had left. He worked as editor, in one of his collaborations, his first co-direction was born, with Edoardo Winspeare, for the 14 minute videoclip “Mamma Sirena” of Officina Zoè. Definitely fascinated by the world of directing, he found himself facing his first personal short film experience with “Colors of Babel”. Currently involved in the development of the “Aria Prima” project together with Virulentia.


Experimental film



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